My 5 favourite places to eat in HSR Layout on a Budget

All those who have known me for a while are well aware of my love affair with food. I come from a culture where people take their food seriously and cut no corners with it. Whether I am happy or sad or angry or just mental, I am up for a gustatory delight anytime.

The earlier years in Bangalore that I have spent in Whitefield, I have had limited options of real food exploration (think of Whitefield from 2004-2009, the only ones were perhaps Herbs and Spices and Golconda Chimney). Last year, I moved into HSR Layout, as I had to relocate to the vicinity of my new office. HSR is a wonderful place to be in, broad wide roads, well planned, full of parks, not too crowded but commercially self-sustained, conveniently located from City Centre. This place also strangely reminds me of Salt Lake, the place where I was born and bred. But it took me no time to find out that HSR also houses some really interesting places to eat, from Indian to Chinese to Continental, from street food to posh up-market restaurants, HSR has offerings for every budget and age and crowd group.

Like a glutton, I took no time to get started with the endless explorations, and although I haven’t checked off everything from my list, I believe I have explored enough to share my gastronomical experiences with my fellow foodies!

So here goes the list, my 5 favourites places to eat in HSR Layout.


On the first visit one would not be quite impressed by the slightly overcrowded table arrangement, under-lit, and occasional noisy ambiance (given it’s right on the ORR service road in a spot that gets particularly heavy traffic during evening hours). But if you get past the decor, this place is ideal for food lovers who want to explore good food of the American/ European/ Oriental cuisine without burning a hole in their pockets.

First time Grigliato happened in my life with a takeaway order at my friend’s place, where the flavor of the food got my attention even after I was particularly jaded with intoxication. A few months later, I went for my first eat-in, and I loved the food instantly. Over several visits, I have explored their Starters, Fritters, Fried Rices, Steaks, Pastas, Pizzas, Stews, Burgers, and I have never been disappointed with their food. Ever.

They have very generous servings, so if you were ordering starters and main and deserts and drinks, very likely you would not make it to the end quite comfortably.

Some of the best ones that I can recall are the Chicken Fritters, Beef Steak, Beef Stroganoff, Lamb/ Fish Burger, Shrimp & Chicken Alfredo, Red River amongst many others. My experience with their Pizzas have not been particularly good, as on both occasions their sauces were runny rather than dried up, perhaps because there was too much topping for the baking time. They serve lager beer, which makes this a good place for a casual hangout with friends.


  • Huge portions. For a conservative eater, one portion can serve 2
  • Pocket friendly restaurant
  • Smoking area on a different floor


  • Not Air conditioned
  • Table service is many a times compromised as they are understaffed for a full house
  • Towards closing hours they tend to rush through (They served starters and main course and drinks all together at once!)


  • Rs 1000 for 2 with drinks


ORR Service Road, Next to Indian Oil Petrol Pump/ Nanda’s Party Hall

Sector 1, HSR Layout

Square Ruth

Have you been on a trip to visit Uncle Sam and had a great sandwich off a portable kitchen truck parked by the road? If no, the closest experience you could have right here in Bangalore at Square Ruth. The delightful part is the experience of ordering and watching your food being cooked in a truck, and what is even better is that their sandwiches are worth killing for.

My favourite so far is the Bacon and Cheese Sandwich, but I have tried several others in Chicken and fish and are worth recommending. In addition, they serve other sides like chicken strips etc. They are highly sought after for private parties and hence many a times you wouldn’t find them in HSR. So the best way to keep on track is to follow their Facebook page.


  • Delightful burgers
  • Food off a truck, very American and not too many similar options in Bangalore


  • Not available every day, need to follow their Facebook page to keep track
  • Towards end of day they tend to run out of stock so it’s wise to call and check if you are dropping in post 9 Pm
  • Roadside truck so no proper seating arrangement


Rs 100-150 for a burger/sandwich


27th Main, HSR Layout, Opposite Juice Junction

Noon’s Biriyani

This has been perhaps my best discovery in HSR, a tiny shop tucked in a corner of street branching off from XYZ main, very easy to overlook. The premises have not been created for eat-in, as there is only a small table to seat 4, but they take orders online and provide home delivery. But it would be wise if one could get their phone number and place a direct order, as this could save you the delivery charges and commissions by the 3rd party.

Ok, so this is a no-nonsense, only great Biriyani joint, where their menu consists of only Egg, Chicken and Mutton Biriyani and NOTHING ELSE, and believe me, you wouldn’t complain if you ate the Biriyani just once!

They call it Hyderabadi Biriyani, but the flavor and appearance is quite distinct from what I have eaten at Bawarchi and Paradise. But it is good, really good. There is no kitchen at the outlet, the Biriyani is cooked by the family of the owner at their home kitchen. Very flavorful and aromatic, and not excessively hot or spicy, it is cooked to perfection. A must try for Biriyani lovers.

Suggestion: During Ramadan, try their Haleem too. I could vouch it beats Pista House!


  • Home cooked, delectable Biriyani with a generous serving portion
  • Pocket friendly
  • Home delivery available within designated areas


  • Small space, more suitable for a take away
  • Small menu, no starters or sides available
  • Requires early order. All the Biriyani is cooked in limited quantities on the basis of orders place
  • Mutton Biriyani available only on weekends


Rs 160- 180 for a Non-Veg Biriyani


# 664, 9th Main, 25th Cross, Opposite Karur Vysya Bank

HSR Sector 6

99 variety Dosa opposite PWD Quarters

Okay so here’s the thing, you may find a zillion 99 Variety Dosa stalls in Bangalore, a couple of hundred in HSR itself (well I know the number is excessively exaggerated, but you get the point). But nothing stole my heart more than this. Their menu is not extraordinary, typical Cheese, Chinese, Mysore and Butter Specials. But their flavor, the perfect combination of hot and spices and right amount of cheese/ butter (this I find best, as most other stalls overdo their love with excess cheese or butter which surpasses all other flavors) is what takes me back there again and again.

I have introduced this place to many friends and each one has only consented to my verdict!


  • Delightful Dosa’s that stand out from most of its competitors


  • Roadside stall, hence no proper seating arrangement. This becomes an issue as holding a hot plate and eating is often not very comfy experience


  • Rs 50-70 per person


27th Main, HSR Sector 1

Bang opposite main entrance of the PWD Quarters

Momo stall on 17th Main, across Sweet Chariot

I have a thing for stuffed dumplings. These little things are pure delight, steamed to perfection, bringing out the subtle but distinct aromas of its ingredients. And one of the best Momos that you could have in Bangalore is right in HSR, at the corner of the junction of 17th Cross and 5th Main, diagonally opposite Vision Health Care. The stall is open and small, literally just a table and a man standing attending to it, like most other Momo stalls, only that they serve no ordinary Momos. The ingredients bring out the best flavor, and the chilli sauce on the side is perfection! I have had Momo’s at several others, and I have found the sauce either to hot or too salty, or the Momo too bland to be eaten on its own, or with too little chicken or too much onions etc. And after many experiments I have found out that this particular one just rules. I have been eating here for over a year, and the Momos used to be bigger and 8 pieces a plate earlier, with their popularity, the size and count decreased. But once you are a familiar face you could even haggle for an extra dumpling!


Rs 50 for a plate of 7 Momo’s


17th Cross Road, 5th Main, HSR Layout Sector 7

Opposite Sweet Chariot. Diagonally opposite Vision Health Care


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