The many first’s with my first car

There was this wonderful feeling when the first realisation of owning a car actually sank in the day I took it out of the showroom. The joy of the first 100 kms came the very next day. Then the first 200, 500, and little reasons for enjoyment were countless. It was thus, important, to write about this with a little elaboration.

I had always considered myself with very little esteem when it came to the prospect of being good with machines. To be able to drive an actual car, for that matter, was something that simply would never happen to me. Perhaps that’s the reason why, taking the decision to buy a car, that too a new one, was one the boldest decisions I have taken. And once I was a first time car owner, reality struck, and was seconded with a sinking, clueless feeling of what I was supposed to do with it because I just couldn’t bloody drive!

Had it not been for someone dear who stood by, my confidence may have taken a downhill ride when I had my first accident as well. This experience, wasn’t precisely pretty, but gave a lot of perspective into how hopelessly overjoyed I was about little achievements, just like being able to drive in a straight line at a 60km speed, whilst completely ignoring the physics of braking and control. ¬†And then came the next time I bumped the front, and the next time the back. And the saga of the injuries and the learnings from it continued, and continues till date.

Amidst all this, came the ceremonious event of first time driving the car alone. I cannot forget, the cold, scary feeling in the throat, wondering how to make it across 35 kms of city traffic. Almost like sinking into oblivion. Then came the first insurance claim, and the actualisation of the fact that hurting the car just cannot be afforded again and again. Very soon after that, was the experience of driving for the first time in the rain. It felt peculiar to have the strange, clouded vision, and me stretching beyond comfort zone to get more visibility of the road, too alert and too rigid thinking the car would skid any moment. After that came the first side – parallel parking without breaking into sweat and asking for help. The pleasure of the accomplishment could almost be tasted. Simultaneously, the first 1500, 2000, 3000 were achieved in its characteristic fashion. The little cheer within never lost its vivacity each time these numbers were accomplished.

And today, in one moment, I hit the accelerator, and gathered the courage, and for the first time overtook two buses back to back! A moment of sheer joy, a feeling like a pro! Now, I am also looking forward to all the little events that shall achieve the first count. 4000 kms coming soon, and then the first long drive, and maybe also the first car tattoo…who knows! For all the firsts that are in store…game on, and I look forward to it!